Hey there, welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my own blog! This is my first post so let me tell you something about my motivation.

I am a young woman from Germany, here you can read more about me. I LOVE travelling all around the world. I have already been to many different cities and countries and I´ll share my future travels here, including guides, tips and tricks. Have a look at my short clip with impressions from my time in Australia. This year I already planned living in spain for more than a month, visiting Vienna, Berlin and flying to New York; stay tuned!

Furthermore, I am very interested in sustainability and veganism. I try to include simple steps into my everyday life to reduce waste and emissions. Sharing these tips and getting more inspiration helps everybody to reduce their footprints!

I am looking forward to receiving your feedback and inspiration!

3 comments on “Hey there, welcome to my blog!

  1. Hi there, your blog is really inspiring! I look forward to reading more.
    If your vegan journeys ever take you to New Zealand consider spending some voluntary time athttp://www.theblacksheep.org.nz/ It is such an awesome project with absolutely amazing women.

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  2. Welcome to the Happy Blogging world. Keep Writing. Xoxo..

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