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Short vegan guide for Vienna

Get some great tips for (vegan) food in Vienna!

This is my first guide and it will be quite short as I only spent 2 days in Vienna. If you plan to spend some time in this beautiful city the food shouldn´t be an obstacle. And here you really have everything you need from gluten free food to vegan sweets!

A few tips:

The drugstore DM always has a big variety of plant milk, nut butter, bread, sweets, etc., especially the store at the main station.

choice of plant-based milk {DM}

Do not miss the bakery stores of “Anker“. At the underground station “Stephansplatz” (at Stephans cathedral) they have a 100% vegan store. Apart from vegan bread and rolls you will find delicious sweets like apple pastries or a “Riesenschnecke” (like a cinnamon roll but filled with a cream made of nuts). They even have bismarcks here (filled with jam)!

vegan sweets, filled with a nut paste

Blueorange” is a very modern Café that we found “on accident” (the weather was so cold that we had to get another coffee!). You will find it close to the beautiful Karls-church (see above). It is perfect for a quick lunch with a great choice of wraps, bagels, sandwiches and Desserts. Almost 25 % of the food is vegan; gluten free Options are available, too.

If you prefer savory food I´d recommend to visit “Veggiez“. This is a beautiful restaurant located near the state opera. Everything (burgers, wraps, sandwiches, even steaks!) is 100% vegan. They also have many gluten free options (like pasta and burgers). Another advantage: they set a high value on locally sourced food without flavor enhancer and the prices are not very expensive!

Spar and Billa are always a good address if you are looking for a supermarket. Even the small stores in the city centre have a choice of plant based and gluten free food. In my opinion travelling as a vegan gets easier. Our Hotel (NH Belvedere) had a choice of plant based milk (vanilla, chocolate and plain soy milk) at their buffet as well as cereals, bread and vegetable spreads.

What are your favorite places in Vienna?


2 comments on “Short vegan guide for Vienna

  1. Daniel Ferguson

    This sounds great! I will use your helpful tips next time when I´m in Vienna. Thank you very much. 🙂

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