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Cafés in Düsseldorf, Germany

Read something about my favorite cafés in Düsseldorf!

I am a coffee lover and therefore I enjoy going to cafés a lot. In this post I will introduce you to some of my favorite cafés in Düsseldorf, my hometown.

Woyton / Rösterei vier

Woyton is quite a popular café chain with several coffee bars in Düsseldorf (some of their locations have been bought out and therefore renamed in “Rösterei Vier”, but they serve exactly the same products). Their coffee is extremely good, you can have cow or vegan milk. They offer barista soy and oat milk (for those who don´t know, the barista milk was especially designed for coffee and in my opinion it is really nice as it doesn´t contain a strong soy/oat taste).

With your coffee you can have different snacks (mostly sweet, they vary from time to time). The only sweet vegan option is the amazing banana bread (from be bananas, German) made out of “saved” bananas (not sponsored, I just like their concept against food waste). The bigger shops offer sandwiches, wraps and bagels (mostly a vegan option available) and, my favorite, a huge salad bar. For a reasonable price you can create your own salad. Whether you prefer noodles, nuts, seeds or vegetables, the list is endless. Of course, the salad can be veganised as they offer vegan dressings, too.

Woyton, salad from the salad bar with a hot chocolate ♥


Greentrees is a “healthy” juicery with an Australian touch. They offer healthy food like smoothies, (salad) bowls, wraps and juices (of course). The prices are pretty high, but everything is prepared freshly and tastes really good. In my opinion this is a great alternative to a “normal” café as it only offers healthy options.

Most of the menu is vegan and they have so many different kinds of plant milk! Soy, oat, coconut, hazelnut, rice, …

Greentrees, green smoothie bowl with toppings
Aussie salad bowl

Carrot cake, vegan

Carrot cake is a small café in Pempelfort. Everything is 100 % plant-based. I love their homemade cakes, their menu changes everyday! On the weekends you can also have breakfast here.


Picture Source: Facebook

Isabellas Patisserie

The gluten free Patisserie in Oberkassel convinces with its cute design. The whole menu is completely gluten free and therefore a great place for people who suffer from coeliac disease. You can order a vegan breakfast here and they always have a few vegan (good-looking) cakes! Prices are quite high, but it is worth it; most of the ingredients used are organic and locally sourced.

Source: Isabellas Patisserie


This café is famous for its self-made ice-cream. (Unfortunately,) just the sorbets are vegan. You can also have a nice coffee with soy milk or a dark hot chocolate (my favorite!). Only disadvantage: this place is favored by mothers and their (small) children which may result in a noisy atmosphere in the afternoon.


Temma is, strictly speaking, an organic supermarket located at the Nordstraße near the Hofgarten. But they have an own bakery and serve delicious sandwiches, sweets and coffee (you can also lunch here as far as I know). They have a nice seating area, during summer you can also choose to sit outside (two tables, only). I enjoy the vegan options, besides the bread/rolls they always have at least two different kinds of cake or sweet snacks, often even more.

Another advantage: students get a 10 % discount on everything, including supermarket and bakery!

(Unfortunately, this is still very seldom in Germany compared to the US or UK, that´s why I am so happy about it. Buying organic food as a student can get really expensive!)

Source: Temma


There are many more amazing places in this city, stay tuned for a second café guide!


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