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More general tips for less waste

I recently uploaded a post about easy waste-saving tips. Here you will find more general tips that´ll help you to be more sustainable.

Avoid buying new things

This may sound extremely minimalistic, but it´s easier than you think. Some examples (that also save a lot of money!):

  • instead of new batteries – try to buy rechargeable batteries
  • need something? don´t buy it new – look for used/second hand products (clothing, electronics, etc.; not only cheaper but a great choice for the planet)
  • before buying something new try to repair it (if possible)
  • if this doesn’t work, don´t throw it away – upcycle it! Search the internet for creative ideas
  • need something for a short period of time? Try borrowing it (family, friends, neighborhood, etc.; endless possibilities!)


There are also possibilities to be more sustainable online. “To Google” something uses energy. Why don´t you try a more sustainable browser, for example “Ecosia“? In my opinion it works really good. The people behind it promise to plant as many trees as possible from the money they make with Ecosia, great idea!

The same applies to online shopping. Meanwhile, there are online-stores that send their products in paper wrapping instead of plastic.


Solar energy plant

Do you know what´s behind your electricity? I was shocked when I checked my electricity provider. I had a mix including 7 % nuclear power and almost 24 % coal mining. After some research I realized that 100% green electricity is not much more expensive (e.g. a family of four would pay 10-15 € more PER YEAR). In Germany we have many electricity providers that offer green electricity only (e.g. Naturstrom, Greenpeace Energy, Mannstrom, etc.). This is important if you don´t want to support big electricity companies that offer green energy besides the common mix.


An easy (and money-saving) tip is to refill your products by buying big refill packs. This is often cheaper and produces less waste.
Common refill packages:

  • dishwashing detergent
  • washing powder
  • dish liquid
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • etc.



A lot of newsletters and advertisements are sent via e-mail, but many catalogues and flyers still end up in your mail box. Unsubscribe from advertisement you don´t need and avoid a lot of waste!

Shopping lists

That might sound weird, but always make a checklist with things you need for your planned meals. Like this you avoid buying unnecessary stuff (e.g. due to advertisement); saves time, money and you won´t have many leftovers!

Thank you for reading!


2 comments on “More general tips for less waste

  1. Very important advisory post, especially in this day and age when our environment and world is groaning under the weight of abuse.

    Liked by 1 person

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