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Restaurants in Düsseldorf

Here are some of my favorite restaurants with vegan options in Düsseldorf!


“Manima” is a Laotian restaurant in Derendorf. If you love asian food, especially curries, this is the right place. Make sure you book a table in advance as it can get very crowded during weekends. In addition to vegan starters (e.g. delicious spring rolls) they promise to be able to veganize every item on the menu. I recommend the curry with potatoes, peanuts and tofu!

Location: Derendorfer Straße 14, Düsseldorf Pempelfort


Amano Verde {Radisson blue}

This restaurant is 100 % vegetarian. It is located in the Radisson Blue hotel. Their prices are quite high, but the (mostly organic) food is delicious and tastes really well. You have many different options to choose from. As the restaurant is quite big you usually don´t need a reservation in advance.

Location: Hammer Straße 23, Düsseldorf Medienhafen

Sattgrün (vegan)

“Sattgrün” is one of my favorites. It is 100 % vegan and the concept differs from a normal restaurant. Instead of ordering a single dish you just pay for the size of your plate. You will find a huge buffet with freshly prepared meals (hot and cold); either you choose one dish or you combine various options.

Location: Brückenstraße 12, Düsseldorf Medienhafen; Graf-Adolf-Platz 6, Düsseldorf Stadtmitte; Hoffeldstraße 18, Düsseldorf Flingern



Here you will find nice drinks, but that’s not everything. If you’re hungry you can order their vegan falafel burger! For those who prefer lighter food they offer a (very nice) falafel salad, simply ask for a vegan dressing.

Location: Tussmannstraße 3, Düsseldorf Pempelfort

hans im Glück!

This restaurant is a vegan heaven if you love burgers. They offer four different vegan burgers! My favorite is the abc . Their selfmade fries are amazing, as well as the different (free) sauces you can choose. Some of them are vegan, e.g. the orange-mustard sauce. With your burger you can choose between many different cold drinks, I prefer the homemade lemonades. Tip: make sure you have a reservation as it can get very busy, especially in the evenings.

Location: Hammer Straße 38, Düsseldorf Medienhafen

Burger “Fabelhafter” with sweet potato fries


Auermühle is located in Ratingen, close to Düsseldorf. But, the long way is definitely worth it. They offer a vegan curry; last time I even had a tasty sorbet for dessert. Especially during summer it is great to sit outside, their terrace is huge!

Location: Auermühle 1, Ratingen


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