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Impressions – New York

Professional photos taken in New York, USA.

This is my first “photography” post. For me travelling and photography are inseparably connected to each other. I took all of the pictures myself. Currently, I use the Sony Alpha 77 II, the pictures are slightly edited with lightroom.

You will find all the pictures here in my photo gallery, too.


DSC01102-lr-sw Kopie c
Empire State Building
DSC01114-lr Kopiec
New York I
DSC01129-lr Kopie c
New York II
DSC01204-lr Kopie c
Times Square
DSC01270-lr Kopie c
Empire State Building II
DSC01210-lr Kopie c
DSC01249-lrKopie c
Immigrant Boxer
DSC01482-lr Kopie c
City of Dreams
DSC01491-lr Kopie c
Do not enter
DSC01460-lr Kopie c
Little Italy
DSC01349-lr Kopie c
Street Signs
DSC01298-lr Kopie c
New York Squirrel
DSC01283-lr Kopie c
Flat Iron

I will travel to New York once again in September, stay tuned for tips and pictures!

© Anna Lohoff, please contact me for any inquiries

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