About me

Hey there, are you wondering who is behind this blog?

Well, let me tell you a bit about me. I am 18 years old and currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. Luckily I can count travelling to one of my most favorite hobbies. In addition to my everyday life (including working, learning, cooking, ….) I am very interested in sustainability and veganism (yes, I live vegan since January 2017).


In January 2017 we had a 5-day workshop with our school in a (very small) town in the Eifel. The general topic was the future and how we will live in future with a focus on sustainability. We had many interesting discussions about the environment, fair-trade and politics. After this week I was sure that continuing the way I had lived was not an option anymore, a lot had to change. I started with buying more organic products, using recyclable bags, checking the ingredients of shampoos and shower gels (trying to avoid microplastics), etc… But I realized this was not enough. After watching “Cowspiracy” I was shocked about the huge environmental impact the meat and dairy industry have. I hadn´t known that before (in detail) and immediately decided to not consume any animal products anymore (yes, my family freaked out completely).

I checked several supermarkets and after a few weeks I wasn´t afraid anymore that there was nothing I could eat. Quite the contrary, the variety is huge. For example, there was not just cow milk, I could choose between at least 10-15 different kinds of milk! I automatically ate a little healthier and made sure that I got all the important nutrients (that doesn´t mean that I don´t eat cake, sweets, ice cream, ….. 🙂 ).

In total I don´t miss anything and I am very happy with my diet! (I also have blood tests on a regular basis!)

To conclude let me just state that I love sharing my experiences, tips and tricks with you and hopefully have interesting conversations here!


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